2013 Student Financial Aid Conference

In order to provide good college financial aid solutions, you need to stay current with the changes in the financial aid process.  Fred Amrein attended the 2013 Federal Student Financial Aid Conference in Las Vegas.  It was four days filled with great information.

The majority of the 6,500 attendees are college financial aid employees.  Getting the prospective of the government, college financial aid offices and the loan services at one place was immeasurable.

Some of the programs were directed to the compliance areas of the financial aid process.  The majority of the presentations were designed to help the schools better understand the rules and changes that have occurred in the last year.  The information is created for the schools to help the student make the best decisions.  The entire college financial aid planning area is very complex.  What is often overlooked is the personal financial issues that many families face and how it interacts with the financial aid process.   When you call the schools or the various help desks, the answers can be inconsistent.  At the conference, we were able to get answers from the government financial aid thought leaders.  We were also able to get the contact information for these thought leaders.

Most of the presenters were from the department of education but a few colleges and loan services provided information on certain topics.  One of the Keynote speakers was Education Secretary Arne Duncan.  His presentation was very insightful into the future of a college education, college affordability and financial aid.

Listed below are some of the programs we attended:

These individual programs and the general sessions will help us navigate the process for our clients.  There is a series of changes that will affect family’s decisions in the upcoming year.

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