Financial Aid Video Library

Making College Affordable

How to pay college tuition has become very complex.  With college cost exceeding inflation and many families facing economic difficulties the financial part of the college decision has become more important.  One of the biggest mistakes families make is that they focus only on the financial aid process.  It is important but it is only one part of the strategy to lowering your cost of education.

To properly pay for college your need to bring together the financial aid process, college saving plans, education tax strategies, and utilize various loan options.  All of these items interact with each other so understanding the proper sequence of strategies is critical to lowering your cost of education.  Due to the increase complexity, the college financial aid offices are unable to answer all of your questions.  The College Affordability Financial Aid Video Library is a great source of information.  It covers how to pay for college the right way.  It give you a great overview of the entire paying for college process.

We have created five major categories and various topics under each of these items.  Each topic has a short video that is 3 to 6 minutes long and gives detailed information on that subject.  Just click on the topic to get to the information and see our video.  You may also want to search our blog for additional information on various ways to pay tuition.

Where do I start? (A Roadmap by Grade)

What is Financial Aid?

How to Pay Tuition?

 What are Student Loans?

How to make the College Decision?

What you need to do to plan for Post Graduate Study?
(Coming Soon)

  • Impact of undergraduate loans
  • Projecting total debt
  • Maximizing loan forgiveness

What is Student Financial Literacy?
(Coming Soon)

  • Importance of Financial Literacy
  • Understanding Income
  • Knowing your Expenses
  • Setting goals
  • Cash flow versus long term goals
  • Goal to personal and financial independence

We hope you find this information helpful.  If you need professional help, please visit our package section for available services.