Ways to Pay for College

Find the strategies to lower the out of pocket cost of a college education. The Ways to Pay for College is an analysis of a single school.  This program is different since it is done once you have decided on the college you will be attending.  This program is for the person who did minimal planning and is looking for the best strategies to lower their education cost.  Our advanced analysis includes many of the same pieces of our College Family Plan or College Complete Financial Plan.

Our process reviews all of the information you provided and the school’s financial award letter.  We confirm it was correct and then begin to create strategies using the various other aspects of education financing.  The biggest advantage to our program is we cover issues the colleges financial aid office cannot address.  As an example we give you a four year analysis and project total debt at graduation.

Why is a four year college cost analysis important?

The college affordability concern is becoming more important in selecting the best college.  Many people and most colleges only review the financial commitment on a one year basis.  This can be a big mistake since the student maybe able to attend their preferred school if additional analysis is done.  This is especially true if you have multiple children that will be in college at the same time.

As an example, when you have 2 children in school at the same time your Expected Family Contribution is cut in half.  If you understand the financial aid percentages a school typically uses, the student may be able to attend that higher priced college for about the same money as the lower ticketed school.  Only reviewing your financial information on a one year basis is a big mistake many families make.  Without doing a four year cost analysis you have no idea of the financial outcome of the education.

Listed below are some parts of our Ways to Pay for College:


  • Review and Project Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
  • Analyze College Award Letter
  • Project Four Year Financial Outcome for that Specific College
  • Student Loan and Financing Options
  • College Saving Plan Recommendations
  • Tax Saving Recommendation
  • PLUS much more

The current cost of this plan is $450.00.