Complete College Financial Plan

Get answers to your financial aid questions and your financial aid forms completed under the Complete College Financial Plan.  This plan is very similar to the College Family Plan with the exception you get 3 more colleges and the financial aid forms are completed.  Our unique analysis covers all of the questions you may have regarding the best ways to pay for college by using your numbers.  This is a customized solution based on your financial position and the specific college you want analyzed.

This program is designed to help families in the junior year and senior year of high school.  The biggest advantage to this plan is it covers the financial aid form.

In the past year the form completion process has become more confusing.  The FAFSA is now linked to the IRS system for verification.  If this is not submitted correctly a family may not qualify for the proper amount of financial aid.  In the first year understanding the timing of how your financial award letters are created is very important.  Getting the information in correctly the first time will help you make the best long term college decision.

Listed below are some part of our complete college plan:


  • Financial Aid Positioning

  • Detailed Expected Family Contribution

  • Four Year Cash Flow Analysis by College

  • Projection of Graduation Debt

  • Student Loan and Financing Options

  • College Saving Plan Recommendations

  • Education Tax Strategies

  • Financial Aid Forms Completed

  • Plus much more


The current cost of this plan is $950.00.