College Family Plan

Maximizing your tuition dollars requires proper planning.  Our college family plan brings together all of the financial aspects of paying for college.  In many cases this analysis will be useful not just for one child but creates a strategy for the entire family.  We help you sort through the complexity of the process and explain how certain decisions will impact other areas of the college funding process and your personal financial life.

We do not get compensated by any of the solutions we recommend.  You can feel confident that you are getting independent and objective advice to this very important financial decision. This can easily be one of the most expensive decisions of your life if you are the parent of multiple college bound students.  With proper planning you will get the insights to maximize the dollars you have and minimize the cost of a college education.

We can address options that the college financial aid office cannot discuss with you.This would include issues like which 529 plan to use or if I need a loan should I take the loan from a company retirement account or a home equity loan.  What are the advantages and risks to these options?  Since this becomes investment or personal financial advice the college financial aid office cannot answer these questions.  This lack of information could cost you thousand dollars over many years.

 Listed below are some parts of our College Family Plan:

  • Financial Aid Position

  • Detailed Expected Family Contribution Analysis (EFC)

  • Four Year Cash Flow Analysis by College

  • Projection of Graduation Debt

  • Student Loan and Financing Options

  • College Saving Plan Recommendations

  • Tax Saving Recommendation

  • Plus much more


The current cost of this plan is $650.00.