UC Irvine Webinar: Beyond the EFC

This past week Fred Amrein was invited to present via webinar for the Independent Educational Certification program at the University of California – Irvine.    The program was called “Paying for College: Strategies Beyond the EFC.”  It focused on the financial aid positioning and ways to pay for college.  Access to the program is available through the linked title.

Many families focus primarily on the financial aid process and their Expected Family Contribution or EFC.  The other aspects of paying for college are often overlooked or minimized.  This presentation was to help college planners, better understand some of the more advanced strategies that can help families pay for college.

Most college planners focus on the admission process such as Standardized Testing, Application Process, College Essays and best fit.  Their knowledge of the financial aid process will vary greatly, with most just understanding the financial aid process.  There are sophisticated financial strategies to consider that can lower your cost of education.  Most college planners are not licensed to give advice in all of the financial issues that you will face in your college decision.  The college financial aid offices are also limited.  They can only give advice on the financial aid process and cannot give personal financial advice in this decision.

This program brings the personal financial planning expertise to the college decision.  Families are looking for ways to lower their cost of education.  Proper information to analyze the entire funding process and not just your financial aid position is important.

Finding the best financial aid advisor to help you with your college investment is important.  For many families this could be one of the most expensive and complicated financial decisions in their lives.

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