Haverford School District College Decision Help Programs

The Haverford School District offers a unique five-part program on the different aspects of the college decision.  The two presenters are Fred Amrein, a fee-only financial planner who is an expert in the entire college funding process and Cigus Vanni a high school college guidance counselor and college planner.  The series of presentations are design to provide college decision help over the entire process.

Fred Amrein covers these topics:

Cigus Vanni presents these topics:

These college programs are televised on the local township program and available on line.  The above titles are hyper-linked to the video.

This program is a great resource for the residence of the township since the information is objective and independent.  Each program is about an hour long.  The presentations include a presentation portion and a questions and answers session from the audience.

Both presenters are experts in the college decision process.  The school district has been providing this information to their resident for over 10 years.  It has been well received by the township residents since the information provided is available in various methods.

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