Fred Amrein Attends PACAC Enrollment Management Conference

During the weekend of June 21 & 22, Fred Amrein attended the PACAC Enrollment Management Conference.  College Enrollment Management is the function that brings the college admission process and financial aid together.  This function has been evolving over the past few decades and is now the way most college operates.  Having a better understanding of how this process works improves College Affordability’s expertise in the college funding decision process.

This program gave Fred an improved insight on how the colleges make admission and financial aid packaging decisions.  By having this advanced knowledge, our clients will benefit from this additional insights.  We will now have a better understanding of how the college perceives the applying student.

For parents, you need to have a better understanding of how the business of college really works.  Listed below are some terms many if not most are unaware of but are part of the college decision process:

  • Net Tuition Revenue
  • Financial Aid Tool Kit
  • Preferential Packaging
  • Need Sensitive or Aware
  • Class Profile
  • Application Yield
  • Summer Melt

List below were the topics covered and the presenters.  It shows you how sophisticated the college business really is and what is often not understood by the applying families.

  • History and Fundamentals of Enrollment Management – Rob Springall, Bucknell University
  • Enrollment Planning and Decision Making -  Wendy Beckmeyer, Robert Morris University
  • Financial Aid and It’s Role in Enrollment Management – Ashley Bianchi, Lafayette University
  • Enrollment Management and Retention – David Kaiser, Temple University
  • Enrollment Management Research Methods and Modeling – Doug Zander, University of Delaware
  • Group Discussions – Mary Smith, Gettysburg University & Francine Block, College Counselor

Our mission at College Affordability is to provide our clients with advanced strategies to lower their cost of education and help them become informed consumers.

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