As part of our process to be the best college funding organization, we have created affiliation with different professional organizations.  These relationships are memberships, business, or professional relationships.  Most of these relationships required an approval process to be part or endorsed by the organizations.

Professional Organizations


Amrein Financial

This is the founding organization for College Affordability.  They are a fee-only financial planning firm that specializes in educational funding, retirement planning, investment management and comprehensive financial planning.

National College Advocacy Group (NCAG)  

A leading non-profit organization that provides education and resources to college planning professionals, students and families.  Fred Amrein is a charter member and a current board member of this organization.  This organization has some of the leading college funding experts in the country. Provides continuous education program on educational funding topics.

National Association of Professional Financial Advisor (NAPFA)

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the country’s leading professional association of Fee-Only financial advisors—highly trained professionals who are committed to working in the best interests of those they serve.  An advisor needs to submit a comprehensive financial plan that is reviewed by his peers to get acceptance into this organization. Provides continuous education program on comprehensive financial planning.

The leading website providing information on college saving plans and 529 plans.  To be listed on this website a college financial aid and saving exam needs to be passed.  This organization tracks 529 performance and quarterly webinars on college saving plan topics.

Higher Education Consultants Association

The Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA) is the premiere professional organization for consultants who focus exclusively on helping high school students realize their full potential, especially the transition from secondary schools to undergraduate and graduate programs.  We are the first and currently the only college financial planning company approved under their member affiliation program.

Independent Education Consultants Association

IECA is the professional organization for independent educational consultants working in private practice. For 36 years, IECA has helped its members serve families in educational decisions that include colleges, local day and boarding schools; schools or programs for students with learning or therapeutic needs; international placements, summer opportunities, and graduate and professional schools.  We write a college affordability column for their member newsletter and speak at their summer institute.

 Pennsylvania Association of College Admission Counseling

PACAC is a professional organization dedicated to encouraging, advocating, and promoting equal access to post-secondary education; fostering communication among students, families, professionals, and institutions; and facilitating professional development.  We are re-establishing our membership in 2013 and plan to participate in the regional college fairs.  We also plan to be a resource on financial aid topics for the organization.

Since 2005, has provided online solutions to help educational consultants build and manage successful businesses. My College Consultant Assistant is the premier online educational consulting practice management system, used by more professional educational consultants and financial planners than any other college advising software or system.  We will be the first financial planning firm listed under their member affiliation program.

A website that helps students and parent repay their student loan back the best way.  It have a video library on student loan repayment and forgiveness.  Most college and loan service companies focus only on the short term decisions of student loan repayment.  This website takes a broader approach addressing taxes and future changes in your life style that will impact your overall loan repayment amount.